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Homework For Older Children.

If I have a chance to work with older children of six years old and above, my idea of a homework would be alike with what I gathered from Tomorrow’s Child magazine.

What is homework? Homework is a collection of assignments with topics of children’s interests, and is work together with parents. The purpose of a homework is to allow and challenge children to think, explore and pursue projects that will satisfy their needs and thoughts, in which they get opportunities to practice and reinforce academic skills, such as writing, counting and reading. Moreover, they get to develop self-discipline and independence.

What should not homework be? Never a struggle, neither is it a battleground, and absolutely not Boring to the child.

What are the roles of parents/teachers? Assist children on how to get organised, manage time and follow through until completion of homework.

Now here comes the cool practical part:

  1. Don’t call it homework, call it “At Home Challenges”.
  2. Completion period is a week.
  3. At the end of the week, teachers can review the work with the children.
  4. Projects can be organised into three types of work- things to be experienced, things to learn a certain skill,things to be submitted.

Tuition teachers can also attempt this type of ‘homework’ with children. Wouldn’t it be something nice to bundle extra knowledge, apart from the things they learn in school.



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