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Learning Foreign Language Begins From Home.

Malaysian parents are usually very keen in raising a bilingual child by sending them to Chinese school or hiring a tuition teacher to guide the child’s homework. One must also remember that fostering a foreign language at home can also heighten a child’s awareness of the language and enhance the interest to learn more about another language.

Besides sending your child to a kindergarten that offers Mandarin classes, consider applying the steps below at home:

  1. Connect with cultural resources within your community
  2. Look out for educational materials such as foreign language audiotapes, children’s video and library books.
  3. Sing songs and recite nursery rhymes with your children.
  4. If possible travel to China, which is rich with culture and tradition from different provinces. Use the language there with your child.

I think that it is most important that your child enjoys the experience of learning another language at a tender age rather than emphasising on fluency. Even if the child does not master Mandarin at an early age, he/she has gained heaps by preparing the brain and body for future learning, whether it’s Mandarin or German, developing self-confidence, becoming more empathetic to people from different culture or countries and showing appreciation of the different types of people in the world.

Those who spent their childhood years watching Mind Your Language will surely enjoy the diversity of language and culture in a classroom!!


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