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A good library is …

… a hub that encourages a good reading culture.

I am a strong advocate for a fine library that is clean, cool, airy, comfortable and welcoming. Welcoming is the main key word. A library should be a silent, non-physical active playground (oh, I’m talking about a children’s library) for children to want to step in at first glance and the last one to leave the building. It need not be colourful, but it must be inviting with proper tables, chairs, shelves and mats for children to loiter around and feel comfortable to lie down with their legs stretched out, in a prone/supineposition or sitting against a tree, in a house or in a boat. Oh, I almost forget small cushions, pillows, big bean cushions!

No, I did not forget the reading materials and other techie gadgets, such as books, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, encyclopedias and computers, audio books, mini cinema. Playstations and other board games could also be included (in my library at least, for 3o minutes maximum.)



Above are a few libraries’ images  I found via Google. What is your opinion about them? I’m thinking  about a library with the theme Ice Age.


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