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“Show me how to do it myself.”

Independence is one of the important building blocks of Montessori Method, which will enable children to survive in this world and thrive throughout their lives.  Below are some of the ways parents use to instill independence among their children at a very young age:

1) Using point charts for categories such as house chores. Total points will be used to buy books for the children.

2) When putting a child into bed, read a story book an hour earlier, leave the room after reading, and no matter what, even if the child cries, do not enter the bedroom. This routine usually takes a while to build up (it’s good to have cctv or sound recorder/walkie talkie for this purpose).

3) This parent is pretty tough and strong and her educative approach is rather open and mature for a 4-year-old. I salute her method of showing her child how to get help if he/she is lost (teachers should heed her way and develop a lesson on this topic). – give a travel pass card and teach which LRT to take to get home, ask the station master for help, able to ask the appropriate stranger for help, look for uniformed people, ask help from parents with children, remember mummy and daddy’s phone number using a rhyme. WOW!

[pointers adapted from Her World magazine]


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