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Washing table kit.

Remember the table-washing kit or chair-washing kit in the classroom? Yes, it is one of the washing activities in the area of Practical Life or AEL with its primary objective of encouraging children to look after the environment independently.

Now, let me ask you what goes into this washing kit? It can be a big basin or pail. In it put the things below:

A hand towel – child unfolds the towel on the floor. The towel is like the floor mat on which all the materials from the basin are laid out on the towel.

A water pitcher/jug – child brings the jug to the sink and fill it with half a jug of water, then brings it back to the working area and pours the water into the basin.

A sponge- child wets the sponge, squeezing out all the excess water and wipe the table from left to right, top to bottom.

A soap brush/scrub- child wets the brush, lightly apply soap on it and scrubs the table from left to right in a circular motion. Don’t forget to rinse the brush before returning it to the towel.

A soap in a soap dish.

The same sponge earlier- is used again to wipe off the soap suds on the table.

A drying cloth- child uses this to dry the table from left to right in circular motion.

Voila! Now the table is sparkling clean, but the basin is full of soapy water. Child must empty the basin into a bucket near the sink and wash the basin. After drying the basin, place all the materials on the towel back into the basin. Make sure the materials are wiped dry before returning the kit on the Practical Life shelf.

I hope the diagram below helps you to prepare your very own kit. Take pride in your own kit, and if possible share it with us here by posting a photo and describe briefly about it! Don’t forget to have fun with this exercise, and always wear an apron when dealing with any type of water exercises.


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