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Montessori Bells.

After the sound cylinders exercise in the Sensorial area, the Montessori Bells is introduced to extend the child’s ability in distinguishing musical pitch. [I would like to revisit Montessori Bells, if there is anybody who is willing to teach me. This activity was not emphasised during my Montessori teacher training period.]

This is how they look.

Each bell is tuned to a whole or a half note on the musical scale. The entire set is equal to one entire octave, including sharps and flats. The set has:

1) Tan base: One set of both half and whole notes. (= 8 + 5 bells)

2) White base: One set of whole notes. (=8 bells)

3) Black base: One set of sharp and flat pitches. (= 5 bells)


1st: Learn how to hold, place and bring the bells.

2nd: Learn how to strike bells with a mallet and dampen with a felt-covered rod.

3rd: Match the pairs that produce identical notes.

4th: Grade bells of one set by pitch, from lowest to the highest notes.

5th and much later: play simple melodies.

If you are interested to download the virtual Montessori bells and allow your child to use it on ipad or laptop, here is the link Montessori Bells Online.


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