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Sensitive periods.

A brief recap of ‘sensitive periods‘ from an article by Maren Schmidt which was published in Tomorrow’s Child magazine, Sept 2009:

What are ‘sensitive periods’: An age-appropriate and individual-appropriate time when children seem to be participating in a well-defined activity which reflects a work cycle and is irresistible for the child to stop once he begins, in which the activity will be repeated again and again, as a result of this a passionate interest will develop and eventually the child will feel calm and restful at the end of the activity.

There are 5 main ”sensitive periods’:

  1. Sensitive to  Social relationships & Social Skills – age 2 1/2 -6( learning basic pro-social skills and practical skills); age 12-15 (polishing social skills)
  2. Sensitive to Order – age 0 to 4 1/2 .
  3. Sensitive to activities which Refine the Senses – age 0 to 4 1/2.
  4. Sensitive to Movement – age 0 to 5 1/2.
  5. Sensitive to Language – age 0 to 6.




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