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Act of Love.

On the first Saturday of this month, I joined a group of Do Good volunteers cleaning a tourist hot spring spot at Selayang and gardening at Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia in PJ. This activity was a joined venture between The Star’s Leaderonomics and My Khatulistiwa. All our basic physical needs such as food, drink, shirt and transportation were provided courtesy of The Star while our emotional, social and spiritual needs were nurtured and temporarily sustained by My Khatulistiwa, a young NGO headed by a lovely lady, Sham Priya.

Here are the photos I plucked from Facebook, except one from yours truly’s collection. My most favourite part of the activity  is the gardening. I learned a lot about how to reuse and recycle items from our surroundings. True innovation speaks wonders as illustrated in the pictures below.

do good3  Two great innovative ways to plant and sow seeds.

1) use empty mineral water bottles. Cut them into half. Remove the lid. Use the top part of the bottle to put soil and seeds in it. Before inserting the reversed top part of the bottle, pour a bit of water into the other half of the bottle. Dont need to water every day after that, the contained water will evaporate and condense to keep the moist. Then add tags and strings/stickers to give to ppl. The ones given to us were lady finger seeds and basil plant.

2) Use abandoned wooden pallets to plant herbs or flowers. Can place them horizontally flat on the ground, or wait for them to grow into the soil after a month to be placed vertically. Simply adjust the space between the planks according to the size of the plants.Reuse plastic banners or buntings by nailing them to the wood to form the base or platform before putting the mixed soil and compost between the planks.


After cleaning and clearing debris and rubbish at Selayang Hot Spring,


Do Good team having a blast time at the end of the day!









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