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Enid Blyton’s Dragon Series.


There are many ways to spend a Sunday. And I’m one of the few people who is fortunate to get to know Enid Blyton closer by reading her more likeable children book  – The Green Story, Dragon Series.

The book is not about dragon. It is a collection of short stories with lots of lovable fantasy characters like gnomes, fairies and pixies for young independent readers and those who are young at heart , like me 😉

The Bed That Ran Away would be a very good reminder for children who like to stay in bed until it’s time to spell the meal that begins with letter ‘l’. The Boy Who Was Afraid is a fantastic therapy for aqua phobics. Santa Claus Makes Another Mistake is just the story very much needed at this time of the festive season that certain things are just as real as the imagination can shape.

I first read in awe this book (reprinted in 1974) which was meant to be given away by a friend a few months ago. The first story made me flabbergasted and immediately transferred me back to the planet of Childhood. The page after the last story (shown in the image below) left me yearning and planning for a non-existing shelf space.

One thing I asked after finished reading  this book: Would my world be a tad bit different if I’ve read any of the Dragon Series books by Enid Blyton when I was a child? Because now, this book has swiped a little hue in my life’s page.


Shine through.



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