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Announcement of Conferences.

To give the maximum impact on everything Montessori, let’s start the new year with a couple of blasting gatherings in UK and Malaysia:
On 1st March 2014, at the Institute of Education, University of London, there is a conference with the theme ‘Re-engage with Montessori (inspired by 1946 lectures)’. The speakers will address topics that continue to engage Montessori practitioners’ discussions, such as links between sensorial activities and foundations of mathematics, the youngest children’s creativity and the spiritual preparation of the teacher.  Direct links to current neuroscience research and its relevance to children’s learning and our teaching will be explored, bringing the topics within the realm of current education debate.

Keynote speakers are: Crystal Dahlmeier, Principal, Montessori Lab School at Xavier University, USA; Dr Paul Epstein, Head of School, Rochester Montessori School, USA; Penny Johns, Director of Studies, Montessori Centre International and Jeremy Clarke, Distance Learning Academic Leader, Montessori Centre International.

Tickets are priced at £55 for MSA members, £85 for non-members. For more information, go to


In May/June, there will be the annual Montessori Forum organised by Montessori Association of Malaysia (MAM). More details will be available at their website at

Montessori Association of Malaysia (MAM)


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