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Advanced Elementary course.

Many a times, for whatever reason the universe proposes, certain events are meant to happen only at certain times, no matter how much one tries to push it forward.

Nearly ten years ago, I applied for Montessori’s elementary course in England, only to get a reply that the course had just closed with no intention of openings at that time. After that, I put this notion of attending another course at the very back of my mind. Subconsciously and unknowingly, I still keep this dream of completing an advanced course in Montessori inside me, somewhere.

This year, for reasons unknown to me, my intuition and curiosity started to prick my resolution list. The one reason that I can rationally think of when asked why I want to do an advanced Montessori course that covers education for children aged 6-12 is simply because after the age of six, children are empowered with another type of educational plane that is different from the early years as they are now bestowed with the power of independence, a sense of discipline and responsibility to use their fundamental skills and leadership skills that allows them to educate, assist and contribute to the local and global community at various levels. And the question that I ask myself inevitably is how can I guide this age group of children in matters or subject lessons pertaining to in depth level of geography, history, science, mathematics, art and music? This also leads me to rethink about our roles as humans in the cosmic plan, which needs to be relayed to the next younger generation.


This course comes with a hefty price which also motivates me to set a goal to find funding within these two years. To achieve this goal, I am setting up a website with a couple of friends that sells natural, organic or recyclable materials that can be used for Practical Life areas in a Montessori environment. The project is still in its zygotic form, so I would really appreciate any feedback or suggestions. (Current progress: We have agreed on a name for the website or blog. Next: Create the site on Blogger and create a Facebook page.)


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  1. Hi Rani, may your wish of completing the Advanced course come true! From what I know about business and marketing, the first step is actually to gather a significant group of potential customers. Then survey them to find out solutions they need and you can provide with. This way, when you launch, revenue can come about much faster.

    Btw, I’m homeschooling my kids (baby, 2 yrs, 5 yrs) using the Montessori method. However, there are no Montessori Elementary school, so we’re left with going to a local school that mainly uses rigid teaching methods. I believe lots of discussions and teamwork are needed during Elementary years, so going to school has its benefits. But there’s little constructive interaction in regular primary schools where kids are asked to stay still, keep quiet and follow instructions.

    May I know if you plan to bring Montessori Elementary into KL after your course? If there’s going to be such a school, please keep me updated?

    Do drop me a note at my email too.
    If I get a break from the 3 kids, perhaps can chat with you over coffee.

    All the best!

    Comment by MieVee @ | February 24, 2014

  2. MieVee: Thanks for your friendly and encouraging note!

    Comment by rani | March 10, 2014

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