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Green School – Part 1

I arrived at Green School Bali one afternoon a fortnight ago. The petrol station 500m ahead was a good sign that the taxi driver had missed the school and had to make a u-turn and find our way back. How would he make a u-turn on that narrow road with almost torrential vehicles was beyond my judgment! Lesson Number 1 – When in a foreign land, learn to trust the locals.

My antennae of direction sprang and I stared at every signboard that would spell the words G-R-E-E-N S-C-H-O-O-L. Any type of signboard and whatever they were made of steel, plastic, more steel, any type of steel, until the modest letters that were etched on simple bamboo material shot out. “STOP! Turn into this junction.” The driver looked at me. “Where? No sign.” I pointed to the signage above us, thankfully the leaves of another tree were no yet long enough to cover the school’s name (if you remember how decorative Malaysia’s signboard can turn out to be). He agreed disdainfully and swerved the mobil into the kampung road. That’s when I knew we were so damn right on the spot of somewhere. Lesson Number 2 – On a reverse gear, a stony, hilly and bumpy road opens up a world least expected.

Late by 30minutes, I was lucky to be guided by Shanty to join the yet-to-be 20 people group at the Green Lodge. Not much time to take in the view of the bamboo building, we were brought jalan-jalan (sightseeing) by our lovely key guide Sara. Hence, begin the journey into the school. Lesson 3 – Relax and let go.

After the random jalan-jalan, we were given a chance to prepare our own pizza for dinner. In groups of four, we were given the golden opportunity, like once in a lifetime, to harvest a list of produce which can be gathered from the various gardens in the school. It was also a good ice-breaking moment. Lesson 4 – Take only what is needed from the garden. A lot of time the things we collected, especially food, goes down the drain. I read somewhere that ‘the earth has enough for every one on the planet, but not enough for everybody’s greed’. But then we don’t have a fridge to keep the produce, so yeah, just take what is adequate.


P1020907 P1020908


P1020913 P1020914

P1020915 P1020916

The second best activity that I loved on the arrival day is Collaborative Artwork. Who ever said that art is the work of a singled-out soul. It is especially therapeutic when art is done in a group. We were given the space, freedom and time to fill the white half A4 paper with warm and cold colours within the boundaries that were highlighted by the coordinators. And voila, this was what we made out of it on the last day – Bali map. Lesson 5 – Smart at art and do your part.


collaborative art1*My fantastic creation is in the red box, just in case you were wondering.

* The taxi fare from Ngurah Rai airport to Green School is now IRD250,000, and can increase to IDR300/350,000 at midnight hours.


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