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Green School – Part 4

P1020927Of course, this was my favourite part of the tour on the first day of arrival. The classroom area looks simple and not too overwhelmed or over-crowded by decorations or play stuff that is made of inorganic or unnatural materials. There are very very few materials that are made from plastic, and the classroom have no walls that separate itself from fresh air and outdoor sounds (I’d rather call them sound than noise).

P1020928There is certainly order in chaos. I guess this is the role play corner, which is comprised of materials that are ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’. Yes, I am a great believer of this basic environmental value, which is taking Malaysia by storm now. Currently, I’m also on the hunt for ‘mengkuang’ mat instead of the mats used in typical Montessori classrooms. Let’s Malaysian-ised Montessori classrooms in Malaysia!

P1020929The bamboo-made mirror is definitely something to shout about. Using cloth material can really soften the classroom’s atmosphere. Point noted.

P1020930I wonder in awe how old can this congkak be. I am not a big fan of plastic toys at all. Time to get some traditional classroom games and materials into the school.



P1020936Keep it simple, keep it sweet, keep it original and keep it handmade! Use anything and everything around to enrich the classroom’s ambience.



P1020937This must be the creative area. I fell in love instantly with their easels. Coconut husks can be an excellent resource for free painting. Looking at this, I realise the importance of connecting with the community around you. In my opinion, my current school does not seem to be in the centre of a community that is in need of integration and cooperation. I’ve heard of an orang asli/aboriginal community living somewhere around the small town, but I’m not sure how to begin to approach them. Another thing to take note is that recruiting reliable carpenters and gardeners is also a type of revenue that could benefit any educational organisation in the long run.





P1020943Furnitures made of natural material put all of us in awe, WAHs and WOHs! Young minds (and old ones too!) need inspiring objects around them to stay creative and innovative.

P1020938What a cool child-size blackboard! Notice the brainstormed notes on making coconut milk.


Let’s go to the outdoor area and the playground which reminds me a lot of our very own kampungs (local villages).

P1020939Could this be a play house made of bamboo?


A warm and welcoming entrance or exit!

P1020944 A pirate ship, a royal verandah or a flying object?

P1020942A seesaw?



P1020948 And of course, being a GREEN school, there are planting backyards for every classroom. Planting and sowing is an ongoing activity that is demonstrated to children about sustainability energy and economic development. So, the fruits will only be harvested  in a few months, and not a few days or weeks, which also brings awareness to children the sense of time, patience and diligence. It’s a practice that eventually becomes a habit that turns into an attitude that mould a person’s character. Moral lessons should be conducted in this way too. Stop the preaching. Do and experience it!


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