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Green School – Part 6


Is that an armadillo behind me?

During my stay in Green School, other participants and I were tucked in comfortably at night at this Green Camp’s lodge. Ladies were given the upper deck while the gents spent their time at the lower deck. I remembered having a very hard time to sleep on the first night, but after that I slept like a newborn baby amidst the symphony of crickets, lizards and raindrops. Waking to the alarm of my phone next dawn, I freshened up briskly and walked with other participants to the Yoga Studio across the bridge. Yoga and Mindfulness is a key subject in Green School, like a backbone of the curriculum. Set next to part of River Ayung, the open air studio reminded me of  ‘rumah orang Melayu’ where one had to take off shoes and climb their way up to the arena. The yoga mat is not the commercialized, colourful ones that we are mostly familiar with. It is recycled from rubber material, similar to tyre, black and placed on the bamboo post of the upper floor, like a towel hanging from the verandah. There is no rule that states yoga mats must be colourful, zen like, rolled like a sausage between two breads. The best part was the 45 mins yoga session was conducted in a circle unlike ordinary yoga class sessions and ended with a mindfulness session, something like yoga nidra.

This yogic session actually inspired me to hold very short, about 5 mins mindfulness/meditative session with my class children every day. I use a 25-day school’s Relax Pack from I am now at Day 11, in which I will use bubble for this session to encourage children on self-empowering and instilling their confidence. I hope to make bubbles with the children too. An extra bonus about this programme is that there are affirmation cards which can be laminated and used by children so that they remember how to be confident or joyful when things don’t seem to work out for them.





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