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Mindfulness Awareness and Relaxed Kids

Last year, I was fortunate to see an advertisement by Marneta Viegas in a yoga magazine. Marneta is the founder of Relax Kids and has designed The Relax Kids 21 Day Plan for children. I downloaded and printed the Calmer Classroom Ebook and saved a couple of scripts in my laptop. That was that. I never used the materials.

This year, I went to Green School’s Educator course and was inspired by the mindfulness and yoga session. I promised to myself that when I return to my classroom I will practice this type of awareness with the children in my classroom. I dug out Marneta’s ebook and laminated her cards. Today, I am practising The Relax Kids 21 Day Plan towards a calmer classroom with children aged 4-5. We are now on Day 16.

When I first started using The Relax Kids plan, I did not put high hope on it. Every morning we spent about ten minutes doing the mindfulness exercise and affirmation. Sometimes there are props, sometimes there are only my words and voice. Some children close their eyes and sit still, others prefer to open their eyes or lie down on their backs or tummies. They can choose to position their bodies in any way as long as they do not interrupt and disturb others’ spaces. On certain days the children respond really well with poise and calmness, and attentiveness level was at the highest.

I urge teachers in any types of classroom to spend three to five minutes in the morning after taking attendance to practice mindfulness with their children. It is a good start to the day, like a good and early jog for an alert mind and body to function the rest of the day.


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