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Garbage Fruit Enzyme – A Success Story


Three cheers for me: HIP HIP HOORAY!

I started making my very first garbage fruit enzyme on 7 Mar 2014. Inspired by the Green Educator course in Bali, I gathered information and tips from websites and friends to start on this experiment. I was introduced to fruit enzyme by my neighbour some time last year. She gave me a sample of the enzyme in a 500ml mineral water plastic bottle and urged me to try out the product as a hair conditioner and cleaning dishes and toilets in the house. In addition to that, aunty also gave me a booklet on how to make my own enzyme and the benefits of making enzyme to the environment and humankind.


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Before embarking on this project which was really easy to make and took three months to process the garbage, I gathered more information from BMS Organic’s website on the uses and benefits of garbage enzymes. Here is some of the very useful knowledge that I have garnered.

“How we dispose our garbage is important because garbage is categorized as hazardous waste that poses risks to the ecosystem and environment and improper disposal of garbage greatly affects our environment.

How can we protect our environment? One method is through reusing your fruits or vegetable scraps. An enzyme made from these can be seen as a way to help recover the ozone layer and fight against global warming as the process itself helps to reduce temperature. Fruit and veggie scraps enzyme is easy to make at home and has many uses and benefits.

Uses and Benefits of Garbage Enzymes
• All-purpose 100% natural household cleaner with anti-bacterial properties.
• Can prevent blockage for drainpipe by releasing sludge accumulated in drainage pipes.
• Save money as you make your own natural household cleaning liquid.
• Environmentally friendly: Reduces pollution, acts as a natural pesticide and purifies the air and underground water.”

Following the success of my experiment, I intend to share the enzyme that I made with a friend on Saturday and I’ve started to collect fruit skins from everywhere and everybody. I hope to fulfill my pledge to mother Earth! You should start doing the same too.


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