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Montessori and Dementia Conference.

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Christine Harrison, the president of Montessori Australia Foundation, was the keynote speaker at this year’s Montessori Association of Malaysia’s forum, and in her speech, she mentioned briefly about a Montessori conference in Australia on discussing about the application of Montessori’s method or philosophy for old patients with dementia. That attracted my attention right away, and I decided to book a place to attend the conference in November.

This is the first time I’m hearing about Montessori’s knowledge being utilized to expand to other areas of human growth. I mean how amazing is this! Her philosophy started with research on children with special needs, progressively developed to benefiting very young children, infants and teenagers up to the university years, and now has leaped another generation to help the elderly with weak executive function. Simply fantastically amazing!

I am also equally interested and excited of this event due to my mum’s weakening state of mental health. My mum was diagnosed as having depression and that, doctors believed, has caused her to experience very slow mental-physical reaction time, weak eye-hand coordination and less motivation in all activities and work. Her long term memory is superb but her short term memory, or perhaps working memory, is deteriorating. She has lost a big degree of independence ever since. I hope that by attending this conference will inspire and motivate me to gain more knowledge and insight in this area, and see how Montessori’s knowledge is translated in another area of the final phase of human’s growth, as well as helping my mum to gain more confidence and independence.

In order to attend this event, I have spent a huge sum of money on the registration fee (and will be looking for a place to stay in Sydney, as well as booking a flight soon). So now I’m looking for sponsors or a part time job that will help me to pay at least half of the expenditure (registration, accommodation and flight tickets). If any readers of this blog can point me to any directions that will help me to lighten this financial burden, please email me or comment briefly here so that I can return your reply.

For readers who are interested to know more about the conference, simply go to or Montessori Australia Foundation.


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