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Two projects.

Two wonderful projects that I have made and am going to present to my students. The first project was prepared for a very young child of 3 years old, whilst the second project will be demonstrated to twenty 6-year-olds and work with them in a couple of weeks time.

Project 1:

This is a very simple activity to enhance eye-hand coordination and one-to-one correspondent for mathematical understanding. We started to put one bead at a time inside each compartment of the egg tray, then two by two, three by three and so forth. The interesting thing was this child preferred to lay out the beads on the plastic lid in a circular arrangement when she saw the beads for the first time. A very good opportunity for her to observe and explore the shapes of the beads. I brought different types of beads for the following three days. After that I let her chose what beads and how many beads she would like to put in each compartment.  At this point, she is learning how to rote count 1-10 in the correct order.

Point to note: I’m glad I reuse the egg tray and wooden beads (without proper holes that make threading impossible). For the next presentation, I must remember to paint and varnish the egg tray with paint and white glue so that it looks more attractive and shiny.


Project 2:

I made 20 booklets from paper the size of drawing block for children to collect information and write their opinion on the topic of ‘Celebration’. I’m also hoping that they would be interested in making their own booklets from used A4 papers which they can bring from home. This would be a  really good practical life exercise for them. You can also learn to make the booklet from Susan Gaylord’s website.

Point to note: Experiment with different sizes and quality of papers.


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