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Malaysia Budget 2015 and Education

Last Friday, Malaysia’s Prime Minister announced the nation’s 2015 budget. He strategised a few improvements and revisions with the hope to elevate the quality of education amidst the rising cost of things and living conditions. Here are a few facts which I have gathered from the budget in regard to early childhood and young children’s education.

  1. Longer child care maternity leave up to one-year-old for mothers in the civil service, including stepchildren, adopted and foster children and children with disabilities. – What a huge relief for mothers working in governmental bodies, but no chance for mothers elsewhere.
  2. RM56 billion is allocated to Education Ministry for teaching and learning programmes. – I wonder what type of programmes are these?
  3. RM100 schooling assistance for primary and secondary students. – similar to BRIM and RM250 voucher.
  4. RM250 million for School Improvement Specialist Coaches and School Improvement Partners programmes – I again wonder what programmes are these?
  5. RM20 million for 20 new Trust Schools in certain states. – What are Trust Schools?
  6. RM800 million allocated for schools to have a safe and conducive learning environment – I wonder whether the amount is enough for all schools in Malaysia to repair and refurbish their buildings.
  7. RM711 million allocated for early childhood education to Education Ministry, Tabika Kemas, Permata and Tabika Perpaduan. – Once again, schools in the private and international sectors must forge out money from their brains and pockets.

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  1. Msia’s policies never change. If they have brains they should support the ECE sector whether it is Tabika or kemas. kemas anyway is his wife’s baby project why should he not support her !!! it is so different overseas, we in New Zealand funding is subsidised to all children with 20 hours free every week. Besides that centres receive bulk funding 3 times a year on the number of children you are licensed for. this funds support the upkeeping of the centre and new materials.It is believed that all children have the right to go to preschool and no one is deprived. why do we Malaysian leave malaysia for better pastures. we have equal rights just like everyone else and no one calls us ‘kafir’ or ‘pendatang’. Our children get the best education that to on study loans which take them to PHD’s.

    Those of us who are out of Malaysia are solely for our children, we don’t get any benefits, pay taxes, don’t get the bumiputera rights. Here if we are unable to work for some reasons the government help us to get back on our feet.Only a new govt probably can change the fate of fellow malaysians.

    Comment by Jassey | October 13, 2014

  2. sorry its not Kemas it is Permata that Rosmah is supposed to be involved in….

    Comment by Jassey | October 13, 2014

  3. Jassey: thanks for commenting. So, children at nz who stay for half a day at a centre pays nothing! You are lucky to be living in nz, it’s a place next to heaven for early childhood education courses and centres. I had to burn this dream a few years ago. Anyways, nice to meet you here. Cheers!

    Comment by rani | October 19, 2014

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