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Time to act creatively.

As much as possible and as many times as possible, I encourage my students and always remind myself to use recyclable materials for art and craft activities. The picture below is a dog, made from ang pau (chinese new year’s red packet) and egg carton. A 6-year-old child can easily origami-fold the dog face which is then stuck onto a painted egg carton. The quality of paint used is very important. Use tempera paint, not water colour. And use thick double sided tape to stick the dog’s head, if use stapler to attach it make sure the sharp part is covered with sticky tape or masking tape.



Encouraging children to form words by listening to the sounds in a word can be a very taxing activity. It is tedious at the beginning but as soon as the child gains confidence in writing their own words independently without feeling guilty or shameful, he will straight away embark on a never-ending journey of writing . Another way to instill the spirit of ’emergent writing’ or writing adventure is to create books with children. I had to persuade this child to draw a picture for every sentence by looking at pictures in another book. She was very reluctant in the beginning but enjoyed drawing her own picture after the second illustration. She described the difference between a tiger and a cat (although they are from the same family) after finished drawing the tiger. I am sure you will agree with her image of a TIGER.











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