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Drum Circle Echo Training


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Soundtrack for slideshow.

I will be using the musics from for the slideshow for my school’s concert this year. This is the first time I will be exploring this website and I think there are easily more than fifty musics to download for free. Just remember to give credit to the owner of the website at the end of the show. ENJOY !!!

[The link to the website is permanently etched at the right column of the blog.]

drum and I

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Video: Montessori Elementary – Human Tendencies

Member student of a Facebook Group who attended Montessori Elementary course at Bergamo Montessori Training Centre in Italy produced this video for one of the subjects. I think it’s a good video to show children about the reversible role humans have played in this world which contributes widely to climate change’s disproportionate damage around the world.


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Montessori Association of Malaysia Annual General Meeting 2016

MAM AGM 2016 Notice

This is an invitation to all early childhood and alternative education educators, parents, school authorities and shareholders to come forward and support the movement of Montessori education in Malaysia, by attending the 6th Annual General Meeting next Saturday, 3pm, at Subang Jaya. Let’s show our commitment to Montessori education by becoming a member of the association to give more exposure and acknowledgment to our meaningful work.

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SENIA Conference 2016 – Special Educators Network in Asia





The International School of Kuala Lumpur Melawati will be hosting the Special Educators Network in Asia (SENIA) conference on February 25, 26, and 27. Local Malaysian teachers who would like to attend this event to learn more about serving students with disabilities and have their conference fees waived for all three days should apply throu this link This application is due by February 11th and winners will be notified of their acceptance by February 15th. Please contact or if you’d like additional information.

Speakers from around the world (Julia Cook , Dr Sam Oritz etc.) will be presenting on topics relevant to educators, especially those serving students with special needs. The conference will be conducted entirely in English.

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28th International Montessori Congress.

It is time (yes there is ample time) to spread the mission of Maria Montessori through this four-year congress in Prague, Czechoslovakia. It is also due time to spread the theme “Pathway to Peace: Montessori Education for Social Change” which will be demonstrated by the international congress through dialogues and collaboration amongst pioneers, veterans and experts from the global Montessori community.

The event is next year and the preparation begins now.

International Montessori Congress 2017

27-30 July 2017

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Making ketupat.

Ketupat is a type of dumpling made from rice packed in woven palm leaf or daun palas. In Malaysia, it is usually eaten during Eid or Hari Raya Celebration, with rendang chicken, a type of curry dish or serunding, a type of famous malay/indonesian dish sauteed grated coconut and meat dish.

In August this year, I’ve decided to record the making of simple ketupat in the shape of triangle, with the assistance of children and teachers in school. We made about 40 ketupat for a game. Ketupat were hung on a string and children were only allowed to ‘pluck’ the ketupat by pulling it using their mouth.

*The palm leaf or daun palas can be purchased from local markets during the fasting season at the price of RM3 (make about 50 ketupat). Peel one leaf from the stalk and give it a good beat on the ground (which is usually best done outside due to dust from the leaves) to open up the thin layer.

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Play dough page.



There is  a huge demand on play dough activities in my school right now, from children to adults. I guess that’s because play dough session is enjoyable and therapeutic. For my next project, I will be working on collecting play dough recipes and preparing raw materials for give away or sale to parents during concert, sports day and other fundraising events.

Do you have a favourite recipe that you would love to use again and again with your young or old ones? Please share it here.

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Binsulong – Orang Asli’s Craft Work.

Not so long ago, this year, my friend and I attended Hari UNESCO Malaysia at Dataran Merdeka. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously. We ate, sang and played to our heart’s content. One thing that we decided to bring home to our schools so that we can include it in our cultural and practical life areas is an orang asli handicraft made from rattan. It is called binsulong, an IQ puzzle game for the not-so-faint-hearted. The orang asli community earned and we learned. Loving it!

*binsulong rattan IQ puzzles – craft of the Semai
Made in Kg. Rugading Bolotikul near Kiulu, these differ from rattan versions made with interlooped rattan, fitted with nylon string. It’s this string which must be removed without cutting it or dismantling the rattan snare. (Taken from



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Practical Life : Peeling Labels


I am a big fan of milk, lassi and yogurt drink bottles. Not only can I use this for water play activity, I also love to see how children process the bottles for various purposes, from washing, rinsing to taking out the labels or wrappers, which can also be used for art and craft.

Do this  simple peeling activity to refine children’s fine motor skill, small muscle movement (involving fingers and wrist) and eye-hand coordination. As with all the other practical life activities, this one serves as an unwinding and relieving stress moment for children who need a break from the classroom environment or work routine.😉

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