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Famous Quotes 2.

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Famous Quotes.

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Alternative Plastic created by University Student

Lucy Hughes, a 23-year-old Briton created a biodegradable plastic from fish waste. Named Marina Tex, this plastic could replace single use plastic such as tissue box and sandwich packages. MarinaTex biodegrade in six weeks and does not contaminate soil. The creator claims you could even eat it.

Do you know that 50 million tonnes of fish waste is produced every year, as estimated by United Nations? This was what triggered Lucy to embark on this project for her final year university study. “How could I reuse or recycle that waste stream?” and “How can I add value to that waste?”

Lucy found a solution to the environment issue (single use human made polymer/plastic) in order to reduce pollution and to reuse whatever waste humans have created. I remember when I was in university, studying the subject chemistry, and finding out that plastic is made of carbon and hydrogen which is also the same components that made petroleum. I was flabbergasted, but unfortunately my mind stops there, and I didn’t question further the implication of these chains of polymer which is actually damaging to the environment.

Watch her video and I hope that during the school holidays in Malaysia, which begins tomorrow, Lucy will be able to inspire the young minds to think of one way in how they can save the environment.

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Cards & Counters with Autumnal Maple Leaves

I saw this image on a Montessorian’s Instagram. Just love the combination of Nature and Montessori material.

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Cook with Junior.

This is a nice website for preaping ekadasi food., made from tapioca pearls and potato. Children can assist with the preparation of peeling potatoes and washing and soaking the pearls.

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Positive words.

Positive and sincere words for young children will keep them motivated in all their endeavors in life. Above are a good visual graphic to give us more ideas on how to praise them.

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Kirtan-Musical instrument

My next project for the Montessori culture area would be on ‘three-part card and definition’ of the musical instruments used in the divine pastimes of Krsna and in temple kirtan, which would be applicable to classroom in the tradition Gurukula.

The musical instruments included will be karatalas, mrdanga, harmonium, flute and cymbals.

Are there anymore other instruments which I should add?

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Guess where is this pattern taken from. If u guess correctly, I promise prasadam will be delivered to you.

I was sitting in my home when I saw this pattern, instinctively and instanteonously decided to capture it with my mobile phone. To coincide with the Vedic culture of the festival of lights, this pattern can be created on the palms as mehindi,or on the floor as rangoli or kolam.

What would you do with this pattern, as a lesson to your children in the classroom or at home?

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Pilgrimage 2019

I am at a place where cows are revered, worshipped, cared, saved, loved and taken care of like a family member.

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Emotional Management

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

This adage from the 1830’s was created, probably to help children develop self-control in the face of the bully culture, which is surprisingly prominent in schools around the world.

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