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Baby Circle, Baby Circle!

I spent some time today making this Baby Circle for my yoga session with children. I would recommend two ways of using this  prop: a) Sing the song ‘Baby Finger Baby Finger, Where are you?’, and b) Tell the story Baby Circle and act it out with the children.


(Guess who’s behind Baby Circle?)

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Dear teacher,… Sincerely, from your student.

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Poll: The adventures of letters

Image result for cursive letters

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Conference – Fuji Kindergarten


This conference dialogue with Fuji Kindergarten’s principals and architect will be held in Singapore on 1st and 2nd October 2016.

Fuji Kindergarten is a Montessori kindergarten in Tokyo, Japan. The new era building was built in 2007 and caters for children aged 2 to 6.

This modern architectural building (together with Bali’s Green School) meets the true sense of philosophy and methodology of Dr Montessori’s education method – freedom, independence and a friendly and adventurous attitude towards error and danger.

I have visited Bali’s Green School and my wish is to now visit Tokyo’s Fuji Kindergarten.

Listen to the TED talk presentation by the architect of the kindergarten, Mr. Takaharu Tezuka in 2014.


For more information about the conference in Singapore, go to

For a group discount, of more than 3 persons and more, contact Montessori Association of Malaysia (MAM, Aisha 016-283 1002), leave a comment at my blog or FB message me.

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Montessori Farewell Ceremony

All Montessorians are familiar with the Montessori Birthday Walk. Some schools celebrate intra-transition when a child transfers or graduates from one plane of development to another. Other schools celebrate a child’s leaving the current school to go to another school or country.

Recently, in July, I had the privilege to conduct a farewell ceremony for a child who was leaving to another country. I intended to conduct the ceremony in a calm and meaningful manner that will leave a remarkable experience for all the children.

To prepare for the farewell  ceremony, a candle is put in the middle of the circle. [When the children arrived they thought it was somebody’s birthday!] When everybody is gathered in the circle, with the leaving child sitting next to her teacher, I took the candle in a jar, opened the lid and explained the reason of the Circle Time.

“Today, we sit here to say goodbye to a friend who is going to another country far away from here.”

“Let’s wish her well by closing our eyes and say a wish for her into the jar softly.”

I demonstrated by speaking softly into the candle jar. “I wish M will be happy always.”

As the candle jar was passed on to another child in the circle, we sang a song which was inspired by R.Tamingga’s (a kids yoga instructor, whose course I attended in June) song, ‘May The Light In Me Shines On You”.

When the candle jar was returned to me, I put the jar back into the middle of the circle and lit the candle. “Now, all the children’s and teachers’ wishes are in the candle. Blow the candle and take their wishes with you, M.”

After the child blew the candle, I closed the jar and invited her teacher to present the candle jar to her. The leaving child brought back the candle with her when she left the school that evening.

I am happy to have successfully combined two methods of education  – Montessori Method and Teacher Tamingga’s Love and Peace song- in this educational farewell ceremony. Thank you to both gurus:  Maria Montessori and Teacher Tamingga!



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Vacancies for Montessori Teachers.

These vacancies are gathered from a group:

  1. A kindergarten (international division) in Shanghai is looking for Early Years Montessori trained teachers to start in August 2016. Candidates must have knowledge of the Montessori curriculum for ages 3-6 years and have at least 2 years experience teaching in a kindergarten with a passion for working with children.
    Salary will be in line with teachers’ experience and qualifications and will be paid in local currency RMB and package including housing allowance, annual flights, medical insurance with international policy, lunch is provided at school, end of contract bonus.
    For more details about this position and opportunity, please register
    And for more information about China please see here:…/TheEdvectusEducator.An.Introducti…
  2. Would you like to work & live in Norway?Stavanger Montessori School is a newly established government-funded school in Stavanger (NORWAY), that starts education in August 18th, 2016. The school is located in Hundvåg until January while the new school building in Nådlandskroken is being renovated.

    In order to serve our students, parents and the city with the highest quality and quantity of education, we are working towards renovating a school building, designed in accordance to the needs of the students as the main focus.

    The school opens its doors to 1st to 5th grades in the first year. Each year new grades will be added so that after five years it will be covering 10th grades’ students.

    We are looking for two AMI-diploma (Elementary school 6-12) teachers. Interested?
    Mail to: soknadMy


    bird solitude

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Drum Circle Echo Training


*Respond, if you know how!



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Soundtrack for slideshow.

I will be using the musics from for the slideshow for my school’s concert this year. This is the first time I will be exploring this website and I think there are easily more than fifty musics to download for free. Just remember to give credit to the owner of the website at the end of the show. ENJOY !!!

[The link to the website is permanently etched at the right column of the blog.]

drum and I

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Video: Montessori Elementary – Human Tendencies

Member student of a Facebook Group who attended Montessori Elementary course at Bergamo Montessori Training Centre in Italy produced this video for one of the subjects. I think it’s a good video to show children about the reversible role humans have played in this world which contributes widely to climate change’s disproportionate damage around the world.


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Montessori Association of Malaysia Annual General Meeting 2016

MAM AGM 2016 Notice

This is an invitation to all early childhood and alternative education educators, parents, school authorities and shareholders to come forward and support the movement of Montessori education in Malaysia, by attending the 6th Annual General Meeting next Saturday, 3pm, at Subang Jaya. Let’s show our commitment to Montessori education by becoming a member of the association to give more exposure and acknowledgment to our meaningful work.

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